HAARPER – NEXTBOT! LYRICS (Prod. Xdentrapbeats)


Drop when the choppa sing
Gotta pop the bean
Pop the beam
Bust like pottery
Now they lookin lean
Trim the fat
My autonomy
Taken by a fiend
No control of my property
Or my faculties

Caught em in the backroom
Like a nextbot
With the red dot
Runnin like a spartan
Make em topple with the head drop
Didn’t want to be the one to take you with the deadshot
I just want to taunt a mothafucka till they deadlock
Redrum Redrum
Loading my gun
Gonna bring up all the heat
I got the sun with the drum
When they see the light
They gon stop the fight
Archon with the dice
Blinded by the sight

Load up my big nine

Shut the f*ck up
When I step into the room
They stop and stutter
Then I throw my knuck up
When I’m cutting through them all like butter
They not ready to get bucked up
Knew that cop been undercover
Choppin through the block
Like I’m Paul Bunyan when that AK sputter

Bling go my pinky ring
When my choppa sing
It gon sting
Blowing off my steam
Police on the scene
I just scheme
I don’t f*ckin dream
Killin fo the c.r.e.a.m
My routine
Made me the new king
Made me like Liu Kang

Quarter ki of that dro
They been begging for the smoke
Throw the money in bag
They be droppin to the floor.

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