Best Ever LYRICS – Chosen Jacobs, Lexi Underwood | Sneakerella 2022 Soundtrack


This is the story of astoria
a little town in a queens and it’s glorious
i can’t quite describe the euphoria
so i’ll take you there
in this little pocket of newyork city
There’s people from all around the world to see
the languages the styles, the diversity
the neighborhood we share

but you’ve never really seen it like this before
so ready set, lets start the tour
and stand clear of the closing doors
this is where i’m from
and it’s the best ever, best ever
so won’t you come alone
and see the best ever, nothing better

the nergy of NYC
but everyone know everyone
it really is the best ever, best ever
what’s time it is go time

lets go explore
i’m telling you, i have been to queen before
well isn’t it the best ever?
i guess it is nice, but i bet i’ve seen better

nah, you're just a tourist you'll agree with me 
by the time we get to the chorus right from the get go
hop off the metro slide down the railing
get set and let go pick up a vinyl
everything's retro know all the neighbors
say yo gustava making his pesto
put it to the test is this not the best
i guess i'm impress i wanna say yes
but i'm not convinced yet so show me whats next

mrs singhs feasts they cannot be beat
her mulligatawnys the best on the street
i have to agree, this does bring the heat
so show me one more before i believe
the shwarma the feta the gelektaboreko
there ain't nothing better
wow, this is really is the best ever
this is where i'm from
and it's the best ever, best ever
so won't you come alone
and see the best ever, nothing better

this community is new to me
but i'm having so much fun
it really is the best ever,best ever
i like when i see her look of surprise
i like how i see this town through his eyes
i like that she likes my neighborhood
and i gotta say that, galakta stuff was really good
i like how we view the world differently
it's make me wonder if wee could be
the best ever, best ever, best ever
oh can we be
the best ever, best ever, best ever

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