Just My Luck LYRICS – DAVID FREDERICKS | Euphoria Season 2 Soundtrack


Standin’ in the rain at the station, waitin’ for a train
She had a predetermined destination to see me again
With nothin’ but a passport and visa
All the tickets paid in advance
Everything was groovy ’til Lisa landed in France

Twenty-four hours of non-stop in the first-class sections
Cross the Atlantic, passed three border inspections
Never would have dreamed of a problem
I couldn’t wait to see her again
In a little bistro in Paris down by the Seine

She met a young French buck – Just my luck

Drivin’ down the Sunset Highway, set it for glide
I picked up an attractive young thing thumbin’ for a ride
But nowadays you can’t be too careful
But once in a while it’s alright
Especially when the cut of the guest is such an ease on the eyes

Lunch in La Jolla then off to Vegas by dark
I’m a man with a mission, maybe just a little court and spark
I’ve always got the best of intentions
Never tell a lie that’s me
By the time we hit San Bernardino I was too blind to see

Hot damn, she went and stole my truck – Just my luck
Left me standin’ on the freeway stuck – Just my luck

Never used to have this problem, it all came so easy
Baby, if it came from my lips then you had to believe me
The winning quarterback in the high school
Class president that was me
What ever became of the aura surrounding me

Guess it faded like an old sawbuck – Just my luck
Now it’s all a bit of nip and tuck – Just my luck
No girlfriend, no pickup truck – Just my luck


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