4,5,6 LYRICS – BIG MALI | Euphoria Season 2 Soundtrack



I’m like one, two, three, four, this a big 56 (Brrt)
7.62, fuck an eight, this not gon’ hit (Bah)
Ten or eleven in this clip, we say fuck 12 ’cause they the pigs (Let’s go)

Fuck do this lil’ nigga think? (Uh-huh)
I make a deposit, that’s straight to the bank (Racks)
I don’t give a fuck what that lil’ nigga say (I don’t)
He gon’ cap in his rap just to win off my name (For real)
It’s nothin’, bitch, I’m Big Mali, I’m bustin’ (Gang)
Please bring the gang and bitch, bring all the ruckus (Come on)
You come with that fire, then your ass better bust it (For real)
I got the fire, bitch, I’m Bag Mali clutchin’ (Grrt)
Reach for your fire, then you know you a dummy (Stupid)
I got these lil’ niggas, they movin’ like yummy

And they gon’ aim the Glock at your brain and your tummy (Uh-huh)
Won’t go out like a ho, I ain’t doin’ no runnin’, stupid (Never)
Beat up the beat, I abuse it (Yeah)
I’m hard with this shit, yeah, I fuck with the music (For real)
But I’m still a big gangster, don’t start to confuse it (Crip)
I get the Glock, then you know I’ma shoot it, use it (Yeah)
These niggas know that I’m pressure (Yeah)
I’m with my brothers, you know that we steppin’ (Brother)
Bitch, you get out of line, we gon’ put you together (Grrt)
‘Cause I put the pieces to puzzles whenever (And solve ’em)

I’m sayin’, it don’t even matter
‘Cause I get the cake like I’m whippin’ the batter
And the bitch done went up, no, I didn’t need a ladder
And just like my buzz, man, my pockets got fatter


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