Lucca DL – Top of the Morning LYRICS


I wake up in my bag….
Like top of the mornin
The day goes by too fast
Can’t give em a portion
Tomorrow run it back
Like 98 Jordan
That’s what it takes to last
Unlimited scorin

(Verse 1) Lucca DL –
Comin in, kickin the door in
I am not flyin, I’m soarin
Could’ve been, should’ve been
Would’ve been, Yeah I ignore it
Feelin like Terry McLaurin, when I’m out cuttin these corners You’re in for a storm and
When it start rainin, it’s pourin
I know you’re feelin important
You say that your slept on
But listening close should they really be snoring
I may be foreign

But I’m trynna stay
$1k for a visa
I’m not trynna to pay
Yeah I leave home at 8
Get back when it’s 5
It’s the rat race life
That kinda day
Yeah I bang on my chest
Hit green
But I’m way above par
You set a precedent, you set a standard
I’m raisin it up like I’m fixing a car
These are the bar bars
Your man is mall guard
And he’s built like he’s Paul Blart
She’s telling me take it real slow
Well I been wit some virgins like I was a charizard card

Ey… I said my peace
Now I sit and relax
This beat was needin somebody to body it
Callin in August to get on the track
Run it all back

I wake up in my bag….
Like top of the mornin
The day goes by too fast
Don’t give em appointments
They talkin out they ass
That’s pretty annoying
I do not think I asked
Take this as a warning

(Verse 2) AVGUST –
Living my life in the limits was boring
I prefer kicking the doors in
I knew in 8th grade that I was into performing
Tryna go pro (GoPro), had to get to recording
Now the support that I’m getting is more
Than anything I had envisioned before
I used leave all these syllables scorched
For fun but now I got visions of tours
In business school but never traded stocks
Just spitting that Heat like Wade and Bosh
Them big bucks (Bucs), I can’t say I got ‘em
But me and Lucca are like Brady, Gronk
I’m a hot potato: habanero tater tot
Strangers wouldn’t know cuz I don’t say a lot
But play some Drake after I take a Jägerbomb
And you might catch me dancing on the tabletop
Ok, nobody matching my energy
Everybody masking the jealousy passive aggressively
Cuz my classes and passion are challenging separately
And I have the audacity to balance ‘em mentally
But, that’s a necessity of capturing destiny
Let this track be a record that I’m lapping any rapper ahead of me
And you’re witnessing the rapid assembly of legacy that’ll last in their memory

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