Yathana LYRICS – Hemachandra Vedala

Yathana | | Hemachandra Vedala Ft. Harshith Reddy & Gouri Priya Reddy LYRICS


Andanantha dooraana tarakalle merisave
You keep shining like a star in the distant skies

Yeti sesina Nuvve
I find you in everything I do

Gundelopala Nuvve
This heart of mine belongs to you

Kantipapala Nuvve Kalise
I’ve met my most precious treasure in you

Tholisandhe velalo Nuvve
You are the first thought in the morning

Palakarimpula Nuvve
You greet me in every corner

Theepi gaayame Nuvve chese
This sweet agony that I embrace is given by you

Theeram yetuvaipo theliyaka sathamaipoye
I’m lost at sea unable to realise which way to the shore

Chorus :

This misery I’m in is cause of love


Maatalu palakaleni bhavame
Nee maunam palikinde
Your silence has spoken countless emotions that my words couldn’t convey

Sandram antha lokamlo
Andam ante nuvve β€” ( nuvvele )
You are the definition of beauty in this world

Valalo padda chepalle
Vilavillaada neekaine
I keep writhing around like fish caught in a net for you

Preme theluputakebhashaina saripode
No language can convey the love I have for you

Chorus :

This misery I’m in is cause of love

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