Mesut Kurtis – Al-Medina LYRICS


إذا ذكرنا المدينة
Whenever we remember Medina

تحرك الشوق فينا
Longing grows within our hearts

وعانقتنا السكينة
And tranquility fills our souls

إذا ذكرنا المدنية
Whenever we remember Medina

فيها سلامٌ وراحة
In it there is peace and comfort

والقلب ينسى جراحه
It heals the hearts from their wounds

فيها الهُدى والسماحة
Guidance and forgiveness are in it

ونور طه نبينا
And the light of our Prophet “Taha” (Muhammad pbuh)

فيها معاني الوفا
It embodies all the meanings of loyalty

والكونُ فيها احتفى
And the universe rejoices in it

وروضةٌ رِيحُها
Within it is the Rawda the scent of which…

من ريحةِ المصطفى
Is from the Prophet’s scent

فيها نسيمُ القرابَة
It contains the fragrance of his family

وذكرياتُ الصحابَة
And the memories of the companions

وأنفسٌ طاهرات
Within it are the purest of souls

كطُهرِ ماءِ السحابَة
As pure as rain water

ما بين مكة وطَيبة
Between Makkah and Taibah (Medina)

أُنس ومحبة وطِيبة
There is affection, love, and kindness

أنوار طه حبيبي
And the lights of my beloved Taha

يا حظ من هو حبيبه
How blessed is the one who loves him!

سِيدي بهدْيه سَباني
My master has captured me with his guidance,

للخير دايم دعاني
And he has always called me towards good deeds

مهما تباعد زماني
No matter how long we’ve been parted

الروح منّه قريبة
My soul always remains close to him

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