Dave East & Millyz – Body 4 Body LYRICS


[Intro: Millyz]
It’s given me Narco’s vibes
Yeah, arriba!

[Verse 1: Millyz]
All my life I’ve been a dope dealer busting licks out the rental ride
I built a Enterprise out the Enterprise
They love you when you up so I’m incentivized
To go and get the bag double back and let the Bentley slide
P95 got ’em petrified
This E pill got me energized
Switching up my mood like a Gemini

Way too many dead homies I be feeling dead inside
Set aside all my issues (Blanco)
Only the real will recognize what I’ve been through (Pablo)
Stuck in my ways let a trey pound lift you
Don’t say nothing to them people make it hard to convict you

We took the narcs on a speed chase
Giving out samples that was freebase
That u could free base, 50 in the brief case
Each state balling like I just hit the sweepstakes
She on my back but for Pete sakes
The bitch ain’t worth a cheap date to cheesecake
Love that hoe

[Verse 2: Dave East]
All my life I been a trendsetter
Landed overseas in a thin sweater
Valentino stitching
Approach me as Pablo and end up missing
Can’t stand the heat get out the kitchen
Smoking something different
Laid up watching a time to kill
My old head drove a Bonneville

Had cocaine ambitions
I don’t want that house unless a bunch of acres with it
Be careful in this section there’s a bunch of danger in it
I be moving around like there’s a bunch of strangers near me
I ain’t gotta be with Gangstas I was born with Gangsta in me
They came out with the Phantom made me wanna change the Bentley
About a dollar nobody got change for a penny

When niggas had the Jordan’s on I came in with the pennies
Niggas took you off your block but I can take you out the city
The way I grew up nothing was pretty, but it was beautiful
Nail salon getting cocaine outta my cuticles
We from the streets you belong in a office with a cubicle
I’ll put my next feature on your head see what they’ll do to you

This Pablo
I got chicken in LA I should invest in Roscoe’s
I can do this with my eyes closed
I paint it like Picasso
[Outro: Millyz]
All my life I’ve been a…

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