Knock off my ceiling when u look at me
Pop off and heal me make me believe
Hit my line if you refuse to wait in line and I’ll take more than your number down .. baby
Baby .. lately .. I been craving
Show me your attitude
Baby .. lately .. I been craving
Show me you have to move

Get me to slide thru come to the side to where I could find you, make me decide u, are somethin I don’t wanna lie to, but lie with, never could hide you never deny u when u provide me with, all that I like, you, are somethin I knew is to good to be mine, who

Is gonna be there when you’re staring at the ceiling from you bed could it be me huh? Couldn’t u see us

Deep in the era of all the comparisons where do I find one that cares enough, to get on a flight where we pairing up, & not just to Paris but, anywhere is us, no one tears at us, no more cameras up, I seen what a marriage does, but I’m married up up to the music, drug that I’m using more like abusing

Don’t call me arrogant, just call me, then u can hound me, always been a dog when I get involved then I’m in it all ‘less u end it all, and if it fizzles out then I’m dippin out, I found a new love but we didn’t stick it out and see I’m stitches now & wow am I missing out.

Had to feel it out, that’s what I told myself, now I can’t see no one else to fall for, aw Lord, I’m all sorts of screwed up who can be with me now? Every second I’m feelin clouds, over me overly raining so how could I keep my head above the water I’ll call it, I’ll drown

In messages, I guess I just, should find someone new to message with, until the life sentencin’
is over, embellishments of love are something I cannot embellish in, if it ain’t relevant to the hand that I’m dealt within, if love was something I fell up in how do I climb out, hope that I find out

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