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TRAMP STAMPS is an American pop – punk band from NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE. New internet band composed of singer- Marisa Maino, guitarist – Caroline Baker and drummer – Paige Blue.
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GENRES :- pop – punk band


ACTIVE YEAR :- 2020–

MEMBERS :-  Marisa Maino, Caroline Baker                                 and  Paige Blue.

      The Nashville-based group first popped up on TikTok in November 2020, posting covers of Blink 182 and videos about the band’s members.

  • The group has received backlash for controversial lyrical content usage of punk culture aesthetics, and alleged ties to the commercial music industry.
  • “Tramp Stamp” is a derogatory term referring to a tattoo which a women places on her lower back.


   THIS BAND IS MOST HATED BAND ON TIKTOK , TRAMP STAMPS ARE THINK THAT THEY WRITE songs start with us going on rants about stuff that pisses us off, shit we wish were different, stories that have happened to us involving fucked-up guys,” says Maino.

  • Adds Baker: “It’s the kind of stuff women talk about all the time with their friends, but no one’s ever put it to this kind of music before.”
  • People calls  industry plant which defined as follows
  • An industry plant, as Urban Dictionary defines the term, is an artist backed by a real label that “presents themselves as a homegrown start up label” in an effort to gain a “pseudo organic following.”




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