Young C – Soul Ties Lyrics (Feat. Aldre)


Yeah, Yeah
The enemy makes a living watching souls die
She can see the difference from her own eyes, yeah,
Cuz she’s not use to not having somebody around don’t know how to spend her alone time, uh
So she’s looking for the next thing ,yeah but the flesh is never satisfied,
That’s when satan starts to strategize, brings in all these guys, now you caught up in these souls ties,
Cuz you deserve to be a wife but you rather settle for one that won’t do you right,
You’d rather him pursue you more than he’s pursuing Christ ,
Ignoring all the signs, you risking eternal life, that’s life I say it twice , you dimming your light ,
For a comment and like , a caption where he writes that you are his type,
You pray he keeps it posted on his page overnight,
Cuz when you livin in that sin that’s your appetite,
Yeah now you hittin up yo girls for advice , but they speaking from they flesh they ain’t telling you what’s right,
Telling you grab his debit card and just swipe, but that’s another fight you don’t wanna pay the price for but you enticed,
Feel like you entitled see the world black and white but you won’t acknowledge when you let him hit that’s where you striked,
Forget about your faith and you been walking by your sight ,
Now on sight you say you got something for him though, but this happened with the last man before him though ,
So either you know what’s gon happen or don’t wanna know, you suppose to be a proverbs 31 woman though, that’s what you said ,
That man misleading if he ain’t spirit lead , how it’s him that you feeding he suppose to be the head,
Showed you all the signs you still don’t see the red ,no matter how good he looks that could be good as dead ,
If he ain’t leading you to Christ, but in the back of your mind you think it’s gon be alright,
You think you can change him but girl that ain’t yo fight ,
You gon mess around and lose yo life, being tied to a soul , you gotta let it go ,
But every time you say you bout to do it you get back into your feelings you don’t wanna be alone,
Cuz you just want somebody to love you even if it’s wrong,
Sis you gotta be stronger than this, cuz this yo life , but you making yours harder for his and it ain’t right ,
You say we judge you we just tryna love you , give good advice,
Your daughters watching you drink away your tears every night and that ain’t fair to them,
So when I say a prayer for you I say a prayer for them, cuz they just want to be cared for like you care for him,
Because of choices you made look what you prepared for them , you can’t be there for them ,
Like you should be, yo sins got you thinking God won’t forgive what if I told you ,you could be,
Cuz you thinking that God don’t understand but God is saying you the one that misunderstood me,
Good girl gon bad sin deep, that explains why her spirit is empty,
And if God sent satan to hell because of sin where you think that he gon send me uh
I’m tryna get this to you, before it’s too late to get this to you ,
If you got em break these soul ties , if not then watch your soul die


Break these soul ties , cuz if you don’t then your soul dies

Soul ties got a way of breaking you, you gotta protect, you gotta protect yourself, when you gone protect yourself,
Why do you keep letting it happen, to you and only you, why you always confused,
We’re telling you the truth but act like you never heard it, you know God right?
He done warned you already, why you lacking staying ready, you know the pain getting heavier
It’s been breaking you, who you choosing been shaping you, out here acting like the God you know ain’t guiding you, when you know x3,

Who gone ride when the wheels fall off, who gone talk when the convos get tough,
Why you going back when, when they left cause it got tough, why you going back?
Cause it’s tough, that’s tough, you gave your whole self that ain’t enough,
God gone give it just be patient and still, just be patient and still, still

You cant let them control your emotions, soul ties, gotta way of bringing death around,
Souls ties, gotta way of bringing death around”


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